I am at a stand still, help me if you can ?

I am 18 years old. I have so few friends, though I don't really hangout with them or talk to them I can consider myself without friends.

I am graduated with my G.E.D.

I am terrible with relationships, I can be honest and try to sustain a healthy relationship. Thought I always seem to attract the type of girls that use me as their "Award" to attract better looking boys with more in their life.

I do not have a job, nor a license. No car either.

I am at a stand still with my family to whom I love dearly, it seems that they want me out of the house and out of their life. I don't understand what I had done to make them feel so mad and upset with me. I have never done any drugs, I never drank alcohol.

I stay out of trouble, I listen, I do what I am told, When I did work I was told by my supervisors that I am a good and hard working employee. I was let go because of a local plant was shut down and they let the younger workers that didn't have families or houses to pay for go.

So basically in my life I am doing nothing, I can try to get a job but so far I have been turned down.

I guess this is more of a venting then a question. Though I would appreciate some comments on what I should do with my life, or any comments to help me out at all.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ever thought of college ?? I would go get a job anywhere even if it is mc d's its a job n something to do u can get ur license whenever u want go for it ! A car well how

    Much do you have saved up best idea well at least what I'm doing Is saving up 2 3 thousand bucks and buying something reliable but cheap to last you while u get on your feet . I'm kinda in the same boat its not exactly the same but we relate email me if u needa talk Lauren_542@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    get a job at another state and go to university. You will make new friends and you will distance from your family. This way they will learn to appreciate you.

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