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I had an allergic reaction to metallic in my undies ?

Its been 2 weeks since the hives have gone away but I developed pimples I knew how to deal with that but then I started breaking out only vag! Like I shaved everywhere to get a better look and after that bumps BIG ones started to form, now I know ingrown hairs do that but this was out of ordinary for my these bumPs are huge and hurt and no matter how many times I drain the Puss it KEEPS coming back THEN !! I got a huge pimple on my butt cheek that hurts to move clothes over it I drain it and comes back over again!! The puss is green now and I'm scared please I have safe sex so I know I don't have an STD I test 2x a year.

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    you need to see your dr

    ask him to do a simple blood test to find out what you are reacting to & how bad your reactions are

    It could also be a reaction to the latex/elastic/rubber they use in all underwear.My Allergist told me to take 25 mgs of benadryl until the hives went away.Benadryl is the only med that has an antihistamine in it..without an antihistamine,they don't work to get rid of hives,etc.

    I know I break out like that from wearing them..I am severely allergic to latex/elastic/rubber.My Allergist found out with a blood test

    I also react to the metal razors are made of & the aloe they use in the lubricating strips on them

    Next time try Nair for bikini area but read the label in case you do react to aloe, many products have it in them these days.

    a cold compress will help with the swelling ,the hives will take a few days or longer to go away.IeG proteins ( what people react to) can stay in your system for up to 72 hours..then the hives have to run their course.Benadryl will help make it quicker,but can make you really be careful when you take it.Follow the directions on the box,it is best to get to your dr & let them see the hives

    I have dealt with severe reactions since I was an 51..I was used as a test subject since I was 2 1/2 years old,until I was 35.. sad,but I know more than some drs do about allergies.

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    What you're describing sounds a lot like folliculitis, which occurs when a hair follicule grows in the wrong direction and becomes infected. If you're having them on your cheeks too, that means that even the tiny hairs are starting to do it. There are ways to treat it at home, but with green pus you'll want to see a doctor. White, yellow, and bloody pus is normal but green could be the sign of a deeper infection.

    I suggest not shaving (which I'm sure you don't want to do right now anyways) and making an appointment with a dermatologist. Dermatologists are the best doctors to treat skin conditions because these kinds of bumps can be easily misdiagnosed by general practitioners.

    There's an antimicrobial soap sold over the counter that could help keep new bumps from cropping up and older ones from spreading the infection. Check your local drug store or Walmart for Hibiclens, which will be sold in the pharmacy area near wound care. Use it once a week until you can meet with a doctor.

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    I feel like I have reactions to certain foods...

    I swell up on the bottom and itch and bleed...

    I am female and elderly...embarrassed to show a doctor at this age

    my red bottom...I ate walnuts ,milk,ice cream,roast beef etc. yesterday.

    Today I can not sit down for the swelling and pain....took a benaydril (sp) hope it helps.

    Can anyone help? this covers the whole genital area.

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    However, an allergic reaction will be accompanied with difficulty breathing, .... By the end of my shower, I had scratched so much my legs were ... long sweat pants or jammie pants because I will itch when my legs rub together. .

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    It is time to visit your doctor or a walk in clinic and get a prescription for an antibiotic to treat your infection and pustules/carbuncles. The antibiotic should have this cleared up pretty fast.

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