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How much should I charge for babysitting?

I'm 16 and the baby is 1 year old. is 5 dollars and hour ok?


I need the money, ok?>

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    you are a baby, i think you cant work ofter 18years, and more for babysitting

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    wow babysitting is so expensive now!! I know a day care that watches a kid for 15 bucks a day, mind you the facility isnt up to par lol so that is the last place I'd suggest to anyone. but it does depend on how long you do it and what you include in your price. No one gets 10 an hour thats just ridiculous, its more than minimum wage, although it should be that rate because it is someones child, a life you know, but thats not how it works. 5-8 is a good start, for a first time rate but open up ways for you to raise it fairly, after awhile they will be happy to pay you more once you establish a good rapport with both the parents and child... become an asset

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    LoL damn! what State are you in? 5 an hour is good for them and not for you! LoL... how about you start at $12 then negotiate.... The best thing to do is tell it to someone like your not sure cause if you come out strong saying that and they dont want to spend it youll get a no or ill call you answer from them... so be like i was thinking 12, what can you do? Then they will say, hm i was thinking maybe 10.. and their u go, you doubled what u wanted to make... because you start high even if they thought of 5 theyre not going to say 5 cause its embarrising for them to mention that.... also build value, like i know how to change diapers, i love babies, etc....... 16 is fine to baby sit, especially if your off the books, dont listen to anyone who says u have to be 18

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    I baby sat at 15 and ten an hour is normal price

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  • 9 years ago

    how about 7 dollars an hour ?

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