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The age of Lucy is half the age of Annie. Ten years from now, Annie will be 5 more than the age of Annie. How?


Somebody help me to answer this question?

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    This is entirely possible with the help of a little algebra.

    First, let Lucy's present age be x.

    Annie's present age is 2x.

    After 10 years: Annie's age becomes 2x+10, Lucy's x+10

    We know that the difference of their ages is 5, and that Annie is older, so:

    2x+10 - (x+10) = 5

    x = 5

    By substituting: Lucy's present age is 5. Annie's is 10.

    After 10 years, Lucy will be 15. Annie will be 20.

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    Lucy is five, annie is ten

    Ten years from now, Lucy is fifteen, annie is twenty.

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    Do your own homework. And this is not even about "diet and fitness"

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