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Cramping while at 36 weeks.?

Hey, I am 36 weeks and 2 days. I have had cramping and sometimes it really bad and hurts a lot. It's down very low near my vagina sorry if that's too much information. and I sometimes get them after I eat. it doesn't matter if I eat a lot either! I can have just a bite of something and start cramping after I eat! Does this mean something is wrong? Why am I cramping like this. Also I get really bad hot flashes that sometimes last for an hour and a half. and they get really bad it feels like I'm going to pass out let me remind you I'm in the AC all the time and out of nowhere my upper lip and underneath my eyes will start sweating! and my whole body will get hot and cold hot and cold. why is this?

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    Ok well every boby I'd different when it comes to pregnancy,cramps,It's ok.Some peaple get them,others don't.But the hot and cold and the faiting.Well if you want you can see a doctor.But you may black out and still be awake.Example:My older sister is pregnant,and she would sometime black out and just look at the same spot for like 15 seconds.But that just happened.But if your really scared,go and see a doctor.He/she will tell you if somethings wrong or if everything is going to be OK.I hope this helps

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    Congratulations on being pregnant!!

    as far as the cramping goes, I had this starting around 32 weeks, sometimes it was gas pains, sometimes it was braxton hicks contractions..

    the hot flashes, that is your hormones, I was a sweating fool by the end of my pregnancy and 3 weeks after!

    but just to be on the safe side for the cramps you could always call your doctor or take a trip to the ER if they get to be to the point you can't handle them anymore..

    Hoping for the best for you and your lil one!

    Source(s): Mom to a 7 week old baby girl <3
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