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Should driving and videotaping be just as illegal as drinking and driving?

On youtube I have seen a number of videos in people are driving and videotaping at the same time. Many of them at high rates of speed. As far as I am concerned, this is depraved indifference. I think that just as we throw drunks in jail after the 2nd offense, we need to take a harsh stance against this behavior as well.

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    "just as we throw drunks in jail after the 2nd offense"

    Yeah, right. I can show you many newspaper articles about people getting busted for their 5TH OFFENSE.

    There's enough laws already - USE THEM!

    "depraved indifference" - you make me laugh. It shows you're the type that would struggle and try to pass another law that gets ignored instead of combating the problem using existing means.

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    Any kind of usage with anything other than the steering wheel and the gas pedal are just as distractive as any kind of influencal substances.

    When you are recording yourself you see the road and what you are doing. So I believe its not as bad as completely taking your attention away to answer back an ever so urgent text message such as I'll be home in a few minutes. But like I said, anything that's not Driving is distracting from driving.

    There's no perfect drivers out there, the best thing to do is just look out for yourself.

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    some of the video taping is with "go pro" and other "MOUNTED" cameras, so it does not affect the driver. To assume that someoen vidoes something while driving is from their "hand" while driving is specious at best and a "sheep" answer designed to vilify driving and individual mobility.

    This is my opinion and hope you can find more info at

    Good Luck

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    It is illegal it's called distracted driving. Unless the camera is mounted or being used by passenger.It's just as dangerous as texting

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    well how do you know the driver is the one taping, maybe its the passenger

    or its possible they set up dash camera the police have those

    personally i think its good idea to have one especially if you have accident

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    I think it should be equal to texting and driving.

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