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Omg, help please help! My dad got arrested and I don't think it's fair!!! HELP!!! What to do? Read!!! :'(?

Hey for about 2 years my dad has been working for this millionaire dude he knows. The dude is basically the owner of this type of company or something like that. Anyways, something terrible happened recently. Like a week ago, the cops came and found out that the rich owner had been doing something illegal for his company (on the side, that my neither my dad nor the other employees knew about). For some weird reason, they didn't arrest the owner (who knew and plotted the whole illegal thing on the side) yet they arrested my dad and the other few employees. The judge is deciding how long to keep them in jail but seriously, this is so unfair! They didn't even know about this, nor were a part of it!

Ps- I know about what happened, through my dad (who contacted me and told me soon before he got sent to jail. Help?!!!


Well we don't know exactly what the owner was doing. This is honestly the weirdest thing that I have ever seen happen... It's almost like a school case where a teacher does something bad during class and the students get blamed. Stupid, yet a mystery on why.

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    Welcome to the American Justice System.

    Because a 2 million-dollar lawyer can establish "a reasonable doubt," the justice system can't touch the rich guy... so they go after the people who helped him (like your father). They believe that your father "MAY" have known that something was off, but didn't blow the whistle... so they're probably going to try scaring him into a plea bargin so they can use him as a witness against the big bad guy.

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    Get a lawyer and pursue the matter in court. Don't let your father represent him self or something stupid like that. Get a good lawyer.

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    You kiddin me, that's it "he did something illegal" that's all you're going to tell us. I can't really help you, I can say that it isn't fair and you'll be like I know, but then what? What did he do that made him go to jail. You're giving us all the fat to put it in a metaphoric or rethoric way

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    Maybe the rich guy is connected?

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