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i just bleached my hair and it almost went on fire. HELPP!!?

i just bleached my hair so i could dye it brown in a few days and as i was waiting for it to change my hair colour (and i only waited for about 10 mins) all of a sudden it started to burn and fizz and i burst out into tears it was hurting so much and when i took my hair out of the bun to wash it out quickly i could feel the heat burn my hand. now its orange and its so dead it was so healthy before and my scalp is red raw. im really annoyed. what should i do to get it back healthy again? and when can i dye it brown? help me :'(

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    Umm you should probably see a doctor as soon as possible

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    ok dont panic, it happend to me at a salon too. its just you are allergic to the bleach, leave your scalp alone for at least 42 hours before putting any chemicals in your head again. Try some aloe oil to soothe it and if you dont have it just leave your scalp alone, it will heal itself in the matter of hours. I was in the same position as you once, but my hair is still thick and healthy and ALOT with a healthy scalp!

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    leave it at least overnight before dying it brown, the bleach was probably too strong for your hair. i would suggest you put in a treatment or smother it in conditioner for an hour or so then rinse it its not doing to do miracles but a little improvement should be seen. if you have a rash or it is still burning go to a doctor or hospital asap.

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