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Question about weight? Please read?

sorry if this is kinda stupid, but my weight is a problem for me, so please read and help as much you can?

-so in about March, my eating habits were all messed up and i didnt eat very much. I would eat lunch at school, and have a snack at home afterschool, but i wouldn't eat breakfast. I went from 120 to 111 in a few weeks. i didnt weigh myself again until after the fasting month. (ramadan- my dad is muslim) and i weighed about 119 lbs.

School has started again and my eating habits are just like last march, but for some reason im gaining weight instead of losing?

can someone please tell me why this is? and maybe tell me how to lose the weight again and keep it off?

please and thank you!.<3

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    9 years ago
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    Your metabolism is slowing down probably, when you fast it slows it down. So does eating less. And your probably growing, genes change all throughout teenage years

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    Have you started taking any medication recently because some of those could cause you to gain weight. It's also possible that because your body is hungry, it's building up a lot of water weight. I suppose your metabolism could be slowing down as well, but that's usually starts when you get into your mid-20s.

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    If you are gaining weight but your eating habits haven't changed, then the only explanation is that you are less physically active than you used to be. Just get more exercise.

  • F P
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    9 years ago

    The big question you should ask yourself is did I change my diet? What foods are you now eating you didn't eat before. Go from there.

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