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So I broke up with my ex a while ago but I'm starting to have feelings for him again. My close friends are telling me that he likes me and they're gonna try to get him to ask me out again. But the problem is my best friend likes him... and if I did go out with him she would get so pissed off and never talk to me again. I mean I want to be happy but I don't want to watch her steal somebody I like.

All my friends are trying to piece this plan together but in the back of my mind if he actually asks me out my friend is there... she likes him but so do I. Should I keep it a "secret" relationship until she finds out? Or would that be worse... especially since rumors and stuff goes around really quickly. I'm really confused on what to do. I know I should go with my happiness and not hers but shes like my best friend and I couldn't risk losing her too. D:

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    Keeping your relationship secret would never work, and if she found out through someone other than you, she is going to be incredibly pissed. So don't do that. But seriously, he likes you, and he obviously doesn't like her or else he'd ask her out. She just needs to accept that, and if it ruins your friendship, then she's probably not that good of a friend.

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    If anything it is crappy of her to even like your ex boyfriend...I would just tell her if she act immaturely then thats on her and the friendship would be over because of her not you but it would be way better coming from you :) hope it all works out for the better!

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    True-love is when to want to do everything anything for the one you love, you share your deepest secrets and you want tell them everything.

    NO wonder true-love doesn't exist. Because humans aren't capable of it.

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