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Ten 17 year old girls + nice clothes+ nyc =?

So my friends and I are getting together to go to the city for a birthday. We're all 17 and will all be dressed nicely and want to do something fun and inexpensive. If anyone knows any clubs or something like that where we would be able to get in, please let me know. However, I will take all suggestions.


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    LOL, it's hit-or-miss when it comes to carding at NYC clubs. It's not even the establishments themselves - it's the bouncers. Some bouncers are cool, some aren't. I would especially watch out for female bouncers. I know it sounds sexist, but female bouncers tend to be a lot more "no nonsense." I think it's because they have to be tougher to be taken seriously since it's a male-dominated profession.

    I think I would generally stay out of hoity-toity areas, like midtown. Besides being more expensive, they are much more uptight about regulations since there are more police around. I would hang out in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side (near NYU) and just keep checking into clubs. If you keep getting stopped at the door, just move on until you don't.

    If you don't plan on drinking, that should make things a lot easier for you.

    Source(s): Grew up in NYC; did quite a bit of underage clubbing
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    Angola Beach, It's a half hour drive down route 5, but well worth the trip. Head across into canada if you have the Identification to do so. They have beaches and they are closer.

    The buffalo Zoo is good. They have a baby gorilla right now. The only other zoo I know about that has one is London, it's about 1 year old, but you'd never know by how small it is. They also have a baby giraffe not more than 6 months old.

    You can save money by buying tickets in advance (New York Pass, admissions, tours, landmarks, buildings, etc.) before you arrive.

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    well i know of some place but i don't know if you can get in it depends on how old you look im 18 so i would love to show you and your friends around with me and my friends im if you wanna talk my number is 631 988 4746 lol for other people i don't care if anyone else hits up my phone you can try to prank call me ill just block your number if you keep dong it but ill give you a couple chance if you make me laugh ill never block you but anyway girls yes text me on my phone asap

    Source(s): New York Resident(Person who goes to alot of clubs)
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    No disrespect ... But I'm 16 and get into clubs.. "frisco" not NYC tho

    U just gotta look hot.. Lol. They usually don't I.d girls...

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    = TROUBLE. Especially if the girls have to ask random strangers for advice.

    Can't imagine any parents who would go for this scenario - at least I hope not!!

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    kindly mention your city , then only possible to get proper answer .

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    |: go to the park, buy ice cream, movies to watch cartoons go shopping

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    im from nyc and idk any clubs that let even 18 and up in. if you look hot enouugh and old enough theyll let you in.

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