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Weird Dream keeps happening why?

It's a dream about wake up and I walk outside and there's dead people everywhere so I look around go back in my house and get knifes and food and stuff and when I go back outside all the bodies are gone so I run up this hill which in real life I'm always climbing but in my dream I get to the top to find the village completely overrun by zombies and I try to get out of the village but the roads have sank into a black abyss so I turn around to see a wave of the undead running towards me so I run back up the hill and I have to fight bout 50 of them I finally kill them but then hundreds of them start running my way but when I close my eyes I open them up to see all my friends standing by my side ready to die for me we charge at them and it goes black the next thing I know I'm on the floor and it's loads of dead bodies every where of my friends and the zombies I get up and everyone's dead I look down in shock and I turn around to see the girl I love zobiefied screaming and then I wake up shaking and sweaty what is my subconscious mind telling me and why ??? This occurs every week


Also I don't do anything particular after 7 but I am a artist and I have worse dreams as well but this one occurs the most and it makes me sad and I feel scared as well

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    It means you watch too much t.v. Nah, it won't mean anything, it's just a dream. :)

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