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Are dreams a part of growing up?

I'm 15 and i moved to a new school. Ever since i moved to the school, i've been having these realistic dreams about it and all the people i see in it. I don't know who the people in my dreams are but i see them in the hallways in my school. One thing i also noticed is that there are parts in my dreams where i can freely move and for a week now, before i wake up, my dream always ends up with something happening to me like falling off an elevator or being slammed by a cart.

Is this normal? I never had dreams like these before i moved to my new school. I'm kinda freaked out


Is it cause i'm growing older?

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    They are normal. You are probably just a little anxious. You should try to enjoy your dreams. The hardest part about dreaming is to keep dreaming after you realize it's just a dream, but if you work at it, you can drive your dream in the direction you want. I've been able to do it a few times. I was able to fly for what felt like 30 minutes once. The way I do it is, if I feel like I'm having a unbelievable time, too good to be true (like flying) then I just ignore the fact that it's unbelievable and keep doing it. It's worked a few times. It's difficult, but it sometimes works and it's amazing when it does.

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