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How are banquet tv dinners so cheap? I bought them for 89 cents each at walmart?

Are they cheap because they are so small? Portion size is incredibly small, have to eat like 3 to feel full, or are they cheap because of the ingredients they use? Or is it both? Does anyone have any information on them, that i dont know about.

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    Hey Mike! You about answered your own question! Yes, there is not much to them but they are convenient and if you were like I was when I went to college many years ago, they can get you through some lean times. Better nutrition today, for you and I if we try to go "more healthy'" with our food choices. Do you realize about half that expense of the frozen dinner goes into putting it in the little tray, sealing, shipping and marketing that meal? Really,, it can't be worth much!

    Good Luck Ducky~

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    The nutritional value for those must be terrible. Try springing for Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice when they're on sale. Good fat to cholesterol to protein to fiber ratios and typically, at least in the case of Healthy Choice, good in the vitamins and minerals dept., too. Anyway... You can get the extra money needed by cutting elsewhere, maybe? Perhaps you drink soda: Replace that with water.

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    They don't contain much in the way of real food, that's why they're cheap. Read the ingredients.

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    Its garbage cant charge much for garbage.If you want cheap meals you can do better. Do a little research.

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