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I am gay and i want a boyfrend ?

Am 13 and I really want a boyfrend any help

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    Honestly? The best thing you can do is just do it yourself, learn from experience and from your mistakes. Nobody on this site can give you perfect advice, because boyfriends are all different. You're young enough that you have plenty of time to learn, so really, don't rush it. Focus more on your grades, those are what are most important for a kid your age. Being in love is wonderful, but landing a crappy job and having no life sucks. You kids these days....


    Okay seriously? Y!A isn't a dating website.....

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    At 13 I was still reading comics.

    Please, don't give up your childhood so fast, you've only got a few years left where people won't mind if you behave like a child, so take advantage of it while you can.

    You can worry about dating in a few years.

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    You're 13, so are you in 8th grade? (middle school)

    Trust me, In high school you'll meet other gay guys

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    i want a boyfriend to but im 16 kind of a bit big of a difference in age so yeah how can i help you email me at talk to me if you need any help hon thanks

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