Looking for a Top Quality MICHAEL MYERS mask.. websites?

Where to buy custom quality Micheal Myers mask??--Anybody know where I can buy a film quality Myers mask, Carpenter's version. Or possibly the original Halloween 2? I am a HUGH fan of the Halloween movies the original being the best!! H 1 and H 2(the Originals) for me had the best looking mask that has an eerie look even though it was a William Shatner mask LOL. even more creeper..

-- but yeah, I want LINKS to the people that do these custom detailed mask. I want to start my collection of the all the Halloween Michael Myers mask.. and of course other mask as well. I am having trouble finding websites were people do this kind of work.. and that is safe. 5stars***** for whoever brings me these sites.. even if its just one good site.. 5STARS!!!.. THANKS FOR ANSWERS IN ADVANCE..

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Go to Michael-Myers.net and ask on their forum.

  • cave
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    4 years ago

    My dad has a a large michael myers mask. he's so pleased with it. lol. have you ever attempted finding around the internet. I guess you may get a stable mask for inexpensive. in basic terms might desire to hunt around somewhat.

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