Plugged in, Not Charging?

I have just recently got my laptop (Dell Notebook) back from repair (Had the memory wiped, removed virus', etc.) and everyone was working beautifully! Until.. The dreaded 'plugged in, not charging' message. The message was right.

No matter how long I keep the plug in, whether the computer is shut down or not, it stays permanently at 95%.

I say dreaded because when I searched this on the internet, I have found that A LOT of people are having the same problem.. No one has yet to find a permanent solution, as far as I can tell.

Now, now. I know what you're thinking! I'm not completely incompetent.

I may not be all that tech savvy, but I do know a little.

No, I don't need a new battery. I just got a new one. Yes, I've tried buying another plug..

I also had a look at something I learned from my smarter half of the gene pool. (AKA, my sister.)

Shut down the computer, restarted, F2.. Hm..

Battery Status = Idol

Battery % Charged = 95%

AC Adaptor = 90W

It KNOWS something is there. It is just be stubborn! I think my laptop just has some personal problems it needs to work out, apparently.

So! All you people out there. I need a solution! I am practically leaving my life in your hands.. How do I fix this? In layman's terms if you could, please.

P.S - I'd be ever so grateful if you didn't tell me to call up my Dell Service Provider or answer just to say I need to bring it to a repair shop for another 4 months..

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  • 9 years ago
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    It will probably be down to general wear and tear and the amount of time the laptop spends on charge. I have had this problem a number of times. Most recently a few weeks ago when I ended up just getting a new battery because I spent 6 months with the laptop having to constantly be plugged into the main or else it would just turn off.

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT purchase it from a store! Your best bet, for the best value at the lowest price is definately Ebay. I would have got charged £64.99 for a new battery instore, but on Ebay I only got charged £18.95 which is a bargain!

    The only other cause could be a defective lead, dodgy charger. Again I say, check ebay for those, they would only set u back around £5, whereas in store they would cost maybe £20-£40.

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  • 9 years ago

    As it has just come back from repair I would be taking it back saying they overlooked something as it was fine before it was in here for the reformat (??) Repair shops only look at what is on the repair sheet, they don't go looking for things to repair, which maybe your ticket in to a free fix if you can keep a straight face. If it is four months in the shop then forget what I said as it should only take a day to repair, put tho onus on them, but it is not a job for out of shop I am sorry. Just trying to save you a few dollars, as it be under warranty? Find an accedited repairer close to you?

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    9 years ago

    Calibrate it

    read the link

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