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Can I still grow taller?

Hi guys I love bball problem is I started to love it late and I'm 19 , 5'9. If possible, wat can I do to grow taller? I hoping for at least 3ins extra. Wat r the chances? Wat can I do. I love bball n I need a lil more size

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    Nothing you can do. You will not finish puberty until at least age 21 - or later.

    YOUR genetics determinine YOUR height - nothing else.

    You cannot re-program genetics.

    You cannot MAKE yourself grow taller.

    More growth could be headed your way - nobody knows for sure.

    You must have patience - & wait to see what all develops.

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    >>>* Hey What's up Man, my friends call me Skippy. I know RIGHT where you are now, as I was once there, and I can tell you first hand that it is ABSOLUTELY possible to grow in height after you thought you were done growing forever. Perhaps my own story could be of some help to you...

    My family has been in the aviation business since the 1960's. There has been pilots, engineers, baggers, stewards, and of course stewardesses. I never really had much of an interest in piloting or working as an engineer, but I LOVE the sky, and being on airplanes. I had already traveled to 12 different countries by the age of 21. So for me, being a Steward(flight attendant) was always my dream job. The only problem, however, is that there are height requirements for safety reasons. As I was exceptionally short in height- my college degree, and qualified resume meant nothing. I was denied my first job as a flight attendant because I was about 2 inches short of their requirements. This absolutely devastated me. I thought my dream had gone out the window. I was also embarrassed, it was sort of like not being able to get on a ride at an amusement park because I was too small. Which has actually happened to me, btw. Lol. But this was worse, this was my dream career, and future at stake.

    At this point, I began scowering the web for help. First I tried seeing if there was a way, some way, to get around the height requirement mandated by airliners. The answer was a big fat NO. Once I had determined there was no way around it, I started feeling hopeless, and desperate. THAT'S when I started looking into the seemingly ridiculous idea that you could continue growing, even after you were finished with puberty. So, after hours and hours of research, reading countless reviews and testimonials, I did come across one website - .. A natural height-growth program that caught my eye. Setting my inherent skepticism aside for a moment, I signed up for the site. Now, fast forward a few months after learning and utilizing all the material and support in the program, I actually grew 3 INCHES! That's no lie. Dead serious. I have since re-applied for the job I would have otherwise gotten if I had met the height requirement. They don't even believe me, lol! They have not set me up for another interview, but that's Ok. If not them, I will have my dream job soon with another airliner as this time I won't have to worry about coming up short. No pun intended! lol.

    Anyways, I hope my story was of some help to you, and I wish you the best!

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    genetics performs an essential function friend,however I 'd say you'll have a few two-four inches should you check out what I say.I am five"eleven.five and that customarily coz I play Rugby for a few years now.Just attempt to do the follwoing fo the following four years every day: a million.Do plenty of soar ropes. two.Drink plenty of protein shakes or protein bars. three.Do swimming(atleast four instances a week if feasible beneath a well teacher) four.if you're chubby and ur BMI has rocketed then this swimming will support you broadly however it must be clubbed with a few aerobics or cardios. five.Buy a cycle,and experience to your cycle to the entire local locations.Just carry the seat such that you simply slightly capable to contact the pedals while its on the backside such a lot facet.But make certain you have got manipulate.Also be dependable.Just have well brakes and manipulate the entire instances. 6.if feasible,Join a basket ball workforce or simply train it.(a few would possibly say that you're 18 and can not develop.Just do not supply your ears to them.If you're targeted you'll be able to obtain it. But you must be committed and placed one hundred% committment.

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    As far as naturally, you're only 19 and you might or might not grow anymore based on your genetics. As far as ways to get taller, the only thing I can think of is to wear sneakers with high heels. If you dont grow anymore or not satisfied with the shoes, you can always lift weights to gain size and strength. Especially in this day and age now, basketball is more about size and strength than anything, even more than skill. But you can still always improve your skills so it can make up for your height.

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