(Kinda long, but i'd really like opinions) Do you think he likes me?

Honestly i think he may not.. but i could be just to hard on myself? Haha i'm sure i'm right but here's somethings in reason to why i ask.

Well i met him about 2 years ago and we never really talked but just recently over the summer we started talking on facebook a lot and texting. He'd Always text me saying "I was thinking about you last night" or just "I've been thinking about you". And just last night i texted him saying "Hi handsome! :)" and he wrote back saying "lol hi baby". He does little things like that, that makes me think he may have just a little crush on me but maybe not so much like me? And even at homecoming last weekend he danced with me :) And we took a picture and he has his hand around me and he looks like he has a real genuine smile on his face, the reason why i say this is because he also took a picture with my friend and he looks like he has a fake smile and they aren't even touching. He talks to her just as much as he talks to me so its not like they are strangers or anything. And just the other day i saw him after class so i walked with him for a little, and once i found my other friend i was like "alright i'll see you around!" and he goes "Wait where you going?" and i said "Imma hangout with my friends?" and he said "Oh okay fine.. see you later", he seemed sad but in a jokingly way. Oh and also to add, one night we were texting and i said i thought he was cute or something and randomly he goes "You know were just friends right?" and i know that, yeah i may have a crush on him but i have in my mind that i do want to just be friends first. So i said back to him "Chill, i know we are, i just think your cute! :)" and he was like "oh ohkay good haha" -.- haha and another time we were skyping and i got my yearbook out and i was saying all these random names and i'd ask him if he thought they were pretty. i said maybe 20 girls names and he always said either no she isn't pretty or she's alright, and finally i was like "how about... hmm.. lexi? (me)" and i said it jokingly, but he goes "oh yeah she's really pretty, i'd get with her" and i was like "yeah right ;p" and he goes.. "no i'm serious :)" so from ALL of this information, what do you think is going on? thank you! :)

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    9 years ago
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    Y u no suggest date to him?

    He likes you, can't fight that.

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