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Is it safe to feed my almost 6 month old kitten, celery?

I know kittens needs vegetation in their diet, but I also know that some can be deadly to cats. Does anyone know if it's safe?


My kitten tends to chew on our house plants leaves. so it has me concerned on WHY.

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    To be honest. I wouldn't do it. You don't really actually need to feed your cat actual veggies. If I would I would wait until its at least a year old. And make sure its soft. Of course as a treat. If you feed it all the time it could upset their tummy.

    Grapes and onions are toxic to cats. So don't go near those. Chocolate is a no no as well.

    Source(s): Owned cats all my life.
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    Wait, what makes you think kittens need vegetation? Some of them like a little grass to chew on ( but sometimes that is to help them vomit up hairballs etc) But a cat is really like the ultimate carnivore. Their bodies are adapted to getting nutrition from animal sources, NOT from plants. They are very different from humans and also different from dogs as far as their nutritional biochemistry.

    I would not give the little guy celery. Not that it would poison him, but his body does not need it. and too much would probably upset his stomach since he could not digest it well.

    Here is a website from a vet that explains about cats' nutritional needs.

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    It's certainly not deadly to feed cats celery. But it's completely unnecessary. Cats are carnivores. So stick to meat based foods.

    Source(s): Qualified Veterinary Nurse
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