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Is it a STD? Or urinary infection ?

Is this a STD or something it's a month now and There is no pain, just a burnt tingle feeling inside the urinary tract it's not herpes it anything because there is no sores or anything

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    Symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) may include:

    Pain or burning when you urinate.

    An urge to urinate frequently but usually passing only small amounts of urine.

    Dribbling (inability to control urine release).

    Pain or a feeling of heaviness in your lower abdomen.

    Reddish or pinkish urine.

    Foul-smelling urine.

    Cloudy urine.

    Pain in your back just below the rib cage, on one side of your body (flank pain).

    Fever and chills.

    Nausea and vomiting.

    Some people have bacteria in their urinary tract without having any symptoms. This condition is called asymptomatic bacteriuria. It requires attention in certain situations, such as during pregnancy or before surgery involving the urinary tract. But it usually can be left alone if symptoms do not develop.

    Several other conditions, such as vaginal infections or irritable bladder, cause symptoms similar to those of a UTI. Your doctor may evaluate your health for one or more of these if you have urinary symptoms, depending on your medical history and how well you respond to treatment for a UTI.

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    No UTI medication is not going to deal with an STD! You would have persistent UTIs or an excessively cussed one to be able to no longer depart with antibiotics! I needed to take two guides of antibiotics for one a couple of years in the past. They have scan kits on the drug retailer for UTIs you would select one up & see if that's what you've. If you do not arise with a constructive reply you will have to get looked at by means of the physician. Depending at the STD it may be very serios & reason infertility! Good success! PS If it's persistent UTI you would wish to begin taking cranberry drugs or ingesting cranberry juice day-to-day. It is helping to filter your UT.

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