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When's the best day to take a pregnancy test?

I'm very sure that I'm pregnant, but there's a doubt in the back of my mind that maybe my symptoms are all in my head since I'm hoping to be pregnant (though even when I was convinced I wasn't pregnant, I still had the symptoms). So I bought a test pack a few days ago. It only has 3 tests in the pack and I already wasted one when it was too early (I got too tempted). So I'm reluctant to test too early. I want the result I get to be the correct one. My period is due on the 2nd of October, so tomorrow would be the day before my period. When should I take the test for it to show a positive result, if I am pregnant?


The last time I had sex (when conception would've occured) was September 17th.

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  • They say the best time is 1-2 weeks AFTER your missed period. Because that way if your stressing about a missed/late period it will give your period time to come in case your not pregnant. If it doesn't come in then take the test FIRST URINE IN THE MORNING is the best time because while you sleep the urine sits and piles up and the pregnancy hormones get to pile up so if you do it when you first wake up go to the bathroom take the test it will be more likely to bring up the accurate result.

    So if your period is October 2nd, take it like the 10th-15 of October.

    Sometimes if you take it too early there isn't enough hormones to bring a positive so you'll just be wasting tests even if you are pregnant.

    I took mine on the 10th day after my missed period and got a positive right away!

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    When was the last time he ejaculated inside of you? This will help to determine a better timeline. I was able to find out with my son 12 days after sex that I was pregnant. Everyone is different, but since you are due for your period in two days, I would wait until you actually miss....wait two more days and if no period then take one, and if negative and still no period a week later test again. If still nothing go to doctor and get blood test, b/c some people don't have enough of the HCG hormone in the pee to get a positive result. GL (:

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    I am in pretty much the EXACT same situation as you. My period is due to start on the 3rd but i'm thinking I could be pregnant. Conception could have occurred on the 16th or 17th. I also think the symptoms might be in my head, but I'm hopeful. I took a test Friday (tempted) and it was negative but i knew it was too early. I am going to try to wait until at least the 7th to take my next test. Like others have said, test with your first morning urine and try to wait at least a few days after your missed period. Good luck to you!!

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    The early ones should tell you now. I remember the feeling of wanting to test but it being too early. Use first morning urine for the best chance of it being positive. You can also get a blood test. That would show it now.

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    Oct 2 would be the best earliest date to test, some tests say that you can check the day before but for most accurate you want to wait until you officially miss your period. Also try to use your mornings first urine.

    Good luck!

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    Test 3 weeks from when you last had sex or ovulated, test first thing in the morning.

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    I tested @ 10 dpo and got my BFP :) if you wanna test that early use a 1st response/accuclear as those pick up the HCG hormones a lot faster :)

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    Not Labor Day! Because then it's too late. Get it? LABOR Day?

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