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How can i learn to be happier?

Well i really dont know what the problem is...Im just a typical 14 year old guy going to school,has friends.Well i guess im just a very optimistic person and see the bad side to everything most of the time.And honestly i might feel like im depressed.Everything started back a few years ago when my parents divorced and i had to move with my dad and live below that poverty line.Then i had to witness my grandpa die a painful death,lung cancer.Then i noticed that my family/friends tease me a lot and im a sensitive type of guy and i cant handle it most of the time.Im a straight A student but lately ive been doing horrible in school and i just feel very alone and isolated and have had reoccurring thoughts of suicide,although i would never go through with it...I think.

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    Believe it or not, how you feel is all dependent on your mineral levels.

    I can start by telling you about the electrolytes. These fluctuate throughout the day, more is NOT better and need to be in the exact balance in order to feel joy.

    1. Calcium - needed for dopamine (motivation, liveliness)

    2. Potassium - needed to feel relaxed and happy. (Try Banana's before OJ, as OJ has Vitamin C which depletes Cal, making you feel less motivated)

    3. Magnesium - needed in proper ratio to calcium to feel and look happy, especially look. (Adequate Source: Tap water)

    With the right calibration, you can feel happy, motivated, relaxed, and look like the happiest person in the room. Let me tell you when you get it right it is the most amazing feeling in the world.

    TRY THIS: Start by eating a banana - Then gradually drink just enough water until you feel some type of excited state of positivity. Look in the mirror and your cheekbones should be lifted. You should feel almost like you're in a dream, every song on your iPod will sound especially good. You might not be able to hold back dancing or singing along. Get ready.. and this isn't even with added dopamine (cal) yet.

    For more on how to obtain this state of joy via other sources/what to do if it comes and goes, email me, my email is in my interests.

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    You do not obtain something to be joyful, you ought to drop matters to be joyful, and if you happen to desire to be preferred you'll on no account enjoy real happiness. You look to care an excessive amount of of what others consider of you. To search happiness is absurd, due to the fact there may be happiness handiest while you don’t search it. We can not be successful within the pursuit of happiness with out given that the happiness of others, our self-curiosity turns into enlightened. We can not be wholly egocentric and be successful. Without expertise, sorrow will preserve. Sorrow ends handiest via self capabilities, the attention of each idea and feeling, each motion of the aware and that that's hidden. If you care such a lot approximately what others say approximately you, you'll preserve to idiot your self and mislead them. If you pay attention to that flattery with entire concentration, neither liking nor disliking, pay attention to it utterly, completely, then an photograph isn't shaped, you don't name him your pal, and as an alternative, the man or woman who insults you, you don't name him your enemy. Even as a first-rate rock isn't shaken through the wind, the smart man or woman isn't shaken through compliment or blame. Without first figuring out your self, how are you able to understand what is right? Illusion is inevitable with out self-capabilities.

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    Use the effective natural core treatments for depression at * & read page B (Note the post about MEDICATION & DEPRESSION). Although it's sensible to go to a doctor for tests, be aware that you are likely to be prescribed antidepressants; I advise saying "thank you, doctor", and pocketing it for possible use later, if needed (hopefully not). Double blind studies have shown that, statistically, antidepressants are only slightly more effective than a placebo, but with risks, and side effects. Most people who are depressed would be far better off trying the natural/alternative treatments for at least 3 months, to see if they work for them, rather than accepting the risks, and/or side effects of medications, and even if insufficient, (unlikely) maintain the core treatments, Omega 3, & optimise vitamin D3 levels). Identify the cause: and if applicable; View & If using a RECOMMENDED * brand of St. John's Wort (take with meals to avoid possible stomach upsets) view the websites about it on page B, and if also using UP TO 50mg of 5-htp daily - refers- in addition, (or UP TO 200mg of 5-htp if NOT using the wort. I note with interest that in the study referred to, 300 mg of 5-htp was used) take with a very low protein meal, to maximise the amount crossing the blood/brain barrier, with no, or extremely little protein 2 hrs before, to 2 hrs afterwards.

    I suggest beginning with 50 mg on the first day, and if no adverse reaction, keep increasing it until reaching the desired level, to let your system accustom itself to it gradually. Google maximum safe dosage. Alternatively, use SAMe with the core treatments, but nothing else. "Even if we have some vague idea that we are not our feelings or our thoughts, when we are experiencing painful feelings or painful thoughts, we believe we have to feel them or think them just because of the fact that they are occurring to us. But painful feelings can be indirectly controlled by physical action, and changing our present thoughts for different thoughts (since feeling occurs as a result of thinking.) Painful thoughts can be directly controlled by choosing replacement thoughts for the ones that are troubling us. Sure, it takes some practice to change a habit of suffering. But it can be done. Of course it can't be done if we choose to believe that it can't be done. But, since the choice is ours, why not choose to believe it can be done, and do it?" Read: "Lift your mood now." by John D Preston, Psy.D. 2001, New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland. CA ( for depression; short 5 - 10 mn chapters, easily employed immediately), &

    Source(s): Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think by Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky, & "Feeling Good." The New Mood Therapy. Harper Collins.1999. ( updated sequel to his US bestseller about treating depression & anxiety; very comprehensive), by David D. Burns, M.D., & Change Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman, from your bookstore, or View my answer about grief at Happiness; View relevant posts at the ADVICE & RESOURCES WEBLINK: via: re free/low cost mental health treatment.
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