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Girls, does she like me?

Okay, there's this girl that I know, I've talked to her but I mostly just know of her being alive. Well, I got into a fistfight earlier today, which resulted in me popping a blood vessel and him breaking his nose and hitting the ground like three times.

The thing is, everyone else says he won because he punched more, but she says I won, plus she walked with me and rode next to me on the bus. And she was being kinda flirty a day or two before.

Question: Does she like me?

PS: Is it bad if a teacher watches said fight and does.nothing?

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    I think she might just like you. And you probably won, and you probably taught that ******** a good lesson. Why would she say you won and then flirt with you? Yeah, it's pretty obvious she does. Have fun with that.

    Oh, and about that teacher thing, yeah that's pretty retarded for them to just sit there with their thumb up their @$$ and not try and break up or stop the fight. I hate careless teachers like that.

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    9 years ago

    You didn't really give enough info, but it kinda sounds like she might have just been stickin up for you maybe...

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    9 years ago

    i think she eirther likes u or ur her friend depends on her

    (oh yea totally but teachers do tht in alot of schools)

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