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Birth control ( Pill ) Question?

So i've been on the pill for awhile until recently. The first time I has taken my birth control pills were a few months back, however whenever it was time to skip my pills for a week to let my period come, it never had. I waited three months though there was never a sign. Fearing I may have been pregnant ( Sexually active, though took tests and all were negative ) I was recommended to go off the pill until my next period came. Sure enough, a month later my period had come. I waited another month and a half to start my new package of pills again. I'm already a month into it yet I've come across my period symptoms a week earlier than it usually is. I'm already bleeding a little, though I'm one pill away until I go off it for my 7 days. I had never bled during the first few months, but now I am. I also haven't been consistently taking them on the dot either ( usually a good half hour to an hour after the time they should be taken. Though usually on time ) Is it just my body trying to adjust to the pill again or is something else wrong? Since I'm still active will it effect my chances of pregnancy drastically even if i miss it by an hour? I still use backup contraceptives, never using the pill itself alone.

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    A day early is fine.It's not going to effect anything, take the rest of your pills as your supposed to. You are safe.

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