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Are there any websites where i can buy a plane ticket cheap?

I'm gonna be moving to South FL soon and my bff lives in Mobile, AL and he's wanting to visit me for awhile once I move after a couple months and I told him that he can just fly a plane because its faster and cheaper instead of driving. I told him that I'll send him a plane ticket..but I don't wanna pay 400 dollars for a ticket. He would be going to Sarasota FL from Mobile AL..and it shouldn't cost that much for a plane ticket. Are their ANY good sites where I can buy a plane ticket that's atleast 200 or 250 dollars or something?

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    Though the distance isn't that far, neither Mobile nor Sarasota are very big airports and they don't have a lot of flights each day. Therefore there is less choice and with less choice and less competition, ticket prices can be steep.

    You can look at flying from alternative airports and see how much ticket prices are. I would start off with

    Last option though I only recommend it in extreme cases is the Priceline Name Your Price feature. You want to make sure you read all the fine print because there are a lot of restrictions such you cannot cancel nor can you change the flight dates or times. Therefore if your boyfriend cannot make the trip, you are out the entire money paid. Also you may have long connection times.

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    Normally I will find out the website offer the search tool which allow us to search through all the airline and the date, so it is so easy to compare the price and choose the date we want without much time wasted. It allow us to get the lowest flight ticket with those ticket search engine service, which really help us the customer save on the flight ticket.

    Some tips to search the best price

    1. you must avoid the weekend to get the lowest price

    2. try to book the return ticket

    3. if possible, try to book for more than 1 people. some airline company offer 2 tickets for the price of 1

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