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Am i crazy,i see movies that arent made yet in my dreams?

yeah i think i am coz the movies are cool.i saw three movies i see a movie per week thats freaking me out. so what do i do should i be a producer?


ill tell u the ending part.theres a guy dressed with those cloths spys have he is in a small building,his friend comes to tell him something then the guys head,torso and neck are striken by shurikens so the friend moves to a near by wall to take cover then when the first guy was gonna go help him then a woman in tight cloths come she is holding a weopon with a stick with the opposite tips with nail thigs but thicker so the first guy could go either through the window or through the door so when the woman approched the was halfway through the window then when she came to the window he went to the door so she stared at him then smiled then she was running through the back so he saw the shadows under the back door so he opened the front door and ran to his friend but it was too late coz his friend is dead now so he runs about six feet to the opposite side of the wall the right at his one oclock the woman was there but this time he didnt runaway but insted he ran so he can climb the wall i

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    Uhm, I think these "movies" that are playing in your sleep, are actually your DREAMS.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Too cool for school. As long as they make sense outside of the dreams, write the screenplay.

  • 9 years ago

    You should write this stuff down - or at least record yourself on webcam describing the "movie" but don't upload it anywhere or anything - just keep it for yourself.

  • 9 years ago

    dont believe you.

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