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Why won't my sims 3 load?

I'll click the icon for the little page to come up with the play button, and then I'll click it an then it'll be like "Program not responding" and it's making me angry.. Can somebody tell me what's wrong?! I just downloaded the game off of and I got the High End Loft thingy life, I don't know- and the Night life thing. And it was working before that. This angers me.. Please help!


Like i said, it was working WITHOUT a disk before the stupid tech guy told me to uninstall and then reinstall and then update the page and **** and then install the expansions..

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    I guess I will tell you what you told me instead of answering your question:

    When a pimps trying to get a you drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot heh.

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