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Are you going to buy "Hell in a Cell" Sunday night?

We bought "Night of Champions" 2 weeks ago, and it was a great PPV. Now a huge question I am thinking about is "Is it worth it?" I don't know, and I really don't think anything big would happen, since so many people already bought NOC. So, what are your thoughts, and are you going to buy it?


Where could I watch an online stream??

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    It's a personal opinion I guess. Do I think anything is worth paying 40 or 50 bucks regarding the WWE product aside from going to a live event? I would have to say no. It's up to you though. I'm not buying it.

  • I'm sure some matches will be worth watching but i can't really tell ya its worth paying $50 for it. It's all up to you if you think the ppv was build up good enough to actually buy it then go for it. To tell the truth i haven't bought or watched a ppv since wrestlemania 24 hell i haven't even watched wwe ppv stream im just not interested in watching an entire ppv when all i care about is a few matches. Oh and by the way no one here actually bought NOC they just watch illegal streams for free.

  • I would just watch the online stream. With WWE, u never know when the show is going to be good or not. But they have been putting on some great ppvs lately. Money in the Bank and Summerslam were excellent, i didnt see NOC, but u said it was good. So i guess it wouldn't be so bad if u buy Hell in A Cell, just hope its a good ppv lol.

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