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We think we spoiled my puppy,how do we stop this?

My roommate(renting an apartment) and I adopted a puppy from our local shelter. Our landlord doesn't allow dogs over 30lbs so we adopted a small mix breed puppy. The vet at the shelter and our vet both think he's mixed with Pomeranian so he's a pretty small pup. He's very shy,scared and skittish when it comes to people so we spent time just holding him and cuddling with him,letting him know that we weren't going to hurt him. We even took turns having him sleep in the room with us(since he has to go potty during the night). It's been two months now and he's warmed up to us plenty. But we think maybe in our attempts to reassure him we were good people we created a spoiled little man. He now thinks we're supposed to hold him every second we're home,he's supposed to go out with us whenever we go out and if we don't let him in the bedroom where he wants to be he starts to chew on the door and scratch the floor until we let him in because our schedule doesn't work for him. We only used to hold him so much because he used to cower in the corner of the room. We weren't trying to make him into one of those dogs that always have to be carried. How do we fix this?


He's about 7 or 8 months old so still fairly young. He's already been neutered also if that helps.

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    i suggest taking to a training skool if ur dogs still young it wont b a problem

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    one thing ot consider is that he may still be growing hence accounting for his hyperactivity and possible chewing/scratching.

    Anyways, basically if he's wanting attention but it's hasn't been earned don;t cave when he whines. luckily he is still young so you can break the bad habit that both you, your roommate, and the dog have started.

    If he whines wait until he's quiet or loses interest(this may take a while the first few times). then you can stoop and pet him but do not carry him, the moment he jumps up or starts whining again. he is the pet you are the masters. make sure that you guys are both consistent though, or else he will play you guys against the other.

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    You need to give your dog boundaries. When you catch him doing something bad, tell him "bad dog" and crate him for a couple minutes. Pomeranians are high-strung dogs, and can be pretty bratty if they're babied.

    Your dog now thinks he's king of the house. You need to show him that YOU are the dominant one, and YOU are in control, not him. Start training him, it is a very good way to stimulate your dog, and teach him manners.

    When you take him out, walk him, don't carry him. He will learn.

    Any dog will push you to see what they can get away with, so be consistent.

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    He probably just does that because he is the only dog and he is really comfortable with you guys.

    My suggestion is you get him toys or another small dog but it has to be a female so they can play.

    Hoped I helped :) GOD BLESS YOU <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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    I would first of all try not to hold him as much. As sad as it is, pay less attention to him on a daily basis. Don't ignore him, just don't coddle him like you used to. If he scratches and chews on things I would put him in a cage for a little bit so he knows what he did was wrong. If you're consistent he should be fine.

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    thats tough. my first dog was a min pin and i used to take her EVERYWHERE and picked her up when she cried and all that good stuff and she turned out to be a demon dog whenever i left the house without her. now i have a pom mix that is very independant cuz i knew not to do those things again lol. how to break them im not sure but sometimes my pom mix will chew on the wall by the door as if to dig his way out lol. just had to fix it the other day. he is 4 months old now haha. they can be a handful. you just have to build up his confidence without babying him. you can try watching its me or the dog she is a fantastic trainer!

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    Just stop babying him. Simple as that, treat him like a dog. Don't coddle him. Google NILIF training.

    * EDIT: Kayla: Crates are NOT for punishment! You have given very bad advice.

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    Learn how to train you people training pup will be easy heres a great resource for you to keep.

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