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I am so positive I have anemia, but can't be tested under circumstances?

Alright I'm 13, 5'2, 130 pounds. Stopped growing, blah blah, only health problems I ever really had were inner ear and throat stuff like tinnitus and laryngitis like once every two years. :/

I have been having symptoms of anemia since my thirteenth birthday. They are;


Lightheaded (Most frequent and severe symptom, nearly always feel like I'm going to pass out no matter what I do, standing up from when I sit my vision black out, can't breath, etc. )

Random speeds of my heartbeat throughout the day

Migraines every day for no apparent reason, even when I'm in a quiet room and totally hydrated. :/

Getting paler than usual at random times a few days at a time for no reason, no matter how much time I spend outside or inside.

Occasional leg cramps

Insomnia like there's no freaking tomorrow

I'm pretty active. I run the track at my school twice every day or so, run around and do nothing alot, ride my bike after school, play with my brothers... But for the most part I've got a pretty poor diet. Eating frozen foods from the refrigerator... I'd say the only healthy stuff I get is yogurt and cheerios. I don't eat much for the most part either. I'll have a bowl of cereal for breakfast with a yogurt, a cereal bar and some crackers for lunch, and random crap for dinner.

No matter how much I tell my parents I think there's something wrong with me, they insist that there isn't and refuse to even consider getting me tested for this. My biological mother, grandmother, and half sister also have anemia. I am positive I do, too. I haven't been to the doctor since February 2010 for a tonsillectomy, and I had a kidney stone in August 2010 before that cause I went on some crazy diet :/

Do you think that I'm right when I say I've got anemia? If you do, wouldn't the doctors have already caught it? And how could I convince my dad to get me to the hospital because he's so damn stubborn? I'm not allowed to buy any pills or vitamins without his permission, so, I don't know what to do. I'd appreciate your advice. :/

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    Anemia isn't something you're born with, (unless its genetic. Even if that's the case, you can still change it), and can be easily treated simply by changing your diet. Try and eat foods high in iron content and see if that makes a difference. Eat a balance diet, yes, vegetables too! :L

    If for some reason that doesn't work, explain to your dad what effect its having on you. If you go to school, say that you find it hard to concentrate in lessons and you feel that it is affecting your grades. If he still doesn't listen, tell a trusted teacher and ask them to phone home.

    If he STILL doesn't listen, just simply walk or get a bus/train to the doctors and see what they can do and if they'll examine you without consent. I doubt it, but they'll then probably phone home and your dad will HAVE to make an appointment.

    Hope you get treated soon!

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  • tell your parents you have a rash, woman's issues or something to let you go to the doctor

    weakness, vision black out, migraines, paleness and heart palpitations are all symptoms of anemia (you might have to have an ECG like i did), leg cramps and insomnia isn't a symptom and points to more of a case of an unhealthy diet. so start to eat meats, pulses fruits vegetables at regular times. it could even be stress or not enough fluid while exercising.... it might be worth talking to the school nurse about your diet

    what ever you do DO NOT purchase iron tablets no matter if you get the chance without your dads permission. although we need iron to live it is also a very dangerous substance...a slight amount over is an overdose and can cause a painful stomach aches, dizziness (ironic hey) coma, even death. if it is too low it wont make a difference.... when i was being tested for anemia made that mistake and purchased 17mg ones from holland and barret....a week later my doc prescribed 630mgper day...

    good luck hope your able to find out soon

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    I'm no doctor but I think this is a result of you being too active and not having enough nutrition. I think you need to start eating better and see if you feel better. Your symptoms aren't necessarily related. If I were you, I would try to find a way to get to the doctor, fake sick or something if you have to. And tell the doctor you think you should be tested for anemia and tell them your symptoms if you're really that worried about it. In the meantime, eat better.

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    I haven't heard of that, but I am O negative. When having a baby, an RH negative woman has to take a shot of rhogam because if you are RH negative (that is any blood that is negative), and if your baby is RH positive, then during the birthing process, if the two bloods mix then the mother's body will build up antibodies against RH positive blood. This would cause subsequent pregnancies of RH positive babies to have a high risk of miscarriage. Maybe that is what she heard.

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    You should fake sick to get to the doctor, you sound like you're really sick. I think you should make yourself throw up or something. Normally I wouldn't recommend something like that, since it's not exactly a healthy thing to do, but if you think it would make your dad take you to the doctor, given the circumstances, you should do it. Or, if you think that you could trick your dad into thinking your sick without having to do that, that's great, avoid the drastic methods as much as possible. But you really need to go to the doctor as soon as possible. I'm so sorry you're going through this stuff... :(

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    Part of your symptoms sound like you may be Anemic, while others do not.


    I have/had Anemia. The fatigue, light-headedness, weakness = Anemia.


    You may also have Diabetes. Hypo-glycemia. Low blood pressure.


    The varying heart palpitations and insomnia is not a sign of Anemia. (that doesn't mean you can't be Anemic AND have another, underlying condition or disorder).But, FYi; Anemia causes fatigue and too much sleep..not sleepless nights and exessive energy.


    If you've started menstrating, then it's important you have a pelvic exam and your first gyno-exam. They'll just check youir blood, blood pressure, heart rate, as well as other levels. If you ARE Anemic, then it's a relatively "simple" fix: Changing your diet. (This's gross, but I used to crave chicken livers). When one has a deficiency of somekind, they will naturally crave what their body is telling them they really NEED. Some crave o.j., (they need Vitamin C), some crave milk, cheese + dairy (low on Calcium), some crave organ meats, or spinich (Anemic = low in Iron)..or pickles..even red wine. What do you crave?


    If you crave sugar, or sweets, but feel nauseated after eating..if you're drinking many glasses of water and it's never enough, if you find that you feel as if someone knocked you on the head with a sledgehammer after eating..(losing all energy and focus = becoming fatigued),

    you may have Diabetes. Your body may not be processing the sugar properly.


    Having heart palptitations, having insomnia, feeling anxious, agitated, nervous..if you're pacing, or jittery..if you feel a pounding in your chest when under stressful social situations..then that may be Anxiety/Panic disorder. There're medications that can/will benefit you greatly. You'd require an evaluation by a Counselor to start. You have to be 100% honest with your symptoms and when you experience them. They can arrange for you to be seen by a physician (free, if necessary) and they'll prescribe a medication to help you with your panic and anxiety. It's not forever. Usually RX meds are for the semi-short term (as in 6 months to a year), and in association with meeting with a therapist to TALK. It's important to discuss your fears, worries, or concerns with a safe, educated, kind therapist who understands teens and what they're facing every day. Someone who'll help you to focus and create viable goals for yourself, re: school, relationships, and health.


    Anemia can be helped with a healthier diet. Green, leafy veggies, fruits, lean proteins, and easing back on the carbs (crackers, chips, crisps, rice, potatos, pasta & bread). Nuts, berries, bananas, spinach salads, eggs, tuna, avacados..ALL GOOD.


    Anemia = iron poor blood. If you can take a one a day vitamin (make sure it contains IRON) will help quite a bit. You want to take Iron suplements for Anemia.


    If you've started your period, you may be bleeding too much, which may be causing the Anemia. That's why being seen by a Physician is so important. They'll test your blood levels and go from there.


    As far as your parents, they aren't being very helpful, so try to speak to your birth relatives re: being seen re: Health matters.


    Find a School Counselor and ask to set up an appointment with him/her. Ask for the School Medic/Nurse to be present. Explain your symptoms and that your parents are not educated people. Ask the Counselor & Nurse to help you to be seen by a Clinic or Dr to discuss your health issues. If it's Diabetes, it's serious. So's Anemia. So's Anxiety Disorder. So's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So's a daily Migrane, loss of concentration, Mania, or Manic-Depression..heart palpitations = High blood pressure, and rapid heart beats can be serious.


    It's customary for ALL kids to have a Physical before attending school. Enlist the help of your School Guidance Counselor and School Nurse. They'll help you.

    Good Luck.


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    The following works for sinus, cold, running nose, sore throat and strep throat, when the throat is hurting and lot of other conditions.

    The most visible thing about sinus is swelling. In case of cold, sore throat, strep throat also swelling is there but to some less extent then it is visible in sinus.

    Sinus, cold and sore throat usually happen in the following situations -

    - Change of season, drinking lot of water after exercises, when u get up in the morning, after swimming, after having first sex, kissing, first time smoking etc.

    The reason - The body has limited capacity to store water in places other hen cells and in blood systems. When we suddenly drink lot of water, that must be stored in the cells within a short period. If that does not happen the body tries to lose water through frequent urination, running nose, cough etc. This excess water is stored in layers of skin or muscles. This stored water outside cells reduces the cell metabolism drastically. That also causes the immune system to be done causing the bacteria growth. That does not need antibiotics. All it needs is reabsorption of that water in cells or blood system. That is possible only by reducing the water intake temporarily.

    During winters the cells of our body stores less water. This is evident from frequent loss of water from body throuhurination. Normally.

    Another thing that needs explanation is - why does sore throat happens in the morning often. The cellular metabolism is at 5 to 10% during sleep. So the excess water stored between layers of skin and muscles causes the metabolism to fall below the minimum threshold limit. That reduces the immune capacity of the body drastically.

    The same thing happens after swimming the body is heated up and cooled at the same time. It a person allows sweating after a swimming session and does not drink water or does not take a shower in cold water sore throat may not happen.

    After having first sex, kissing, first time smoking people tend to either overeat, drink lot of water and sleep immediately so sinus or sore throat happens.

    The easier way out is to allow body to sweat for 1 or 2 hour by increasing the body temperature but not drinking water or other fluids for may be 1 hour after that. But since cell metabolism is low during this period of cold and sinus, a person will seem to be excessively thirsty even after a short session of small exercise. Thru cell metabolism the water is transferred to blood system. If that happens at a rate slower then required rate the cells may overheat causing excessive thirst.

    The other easy way to control swelling is to give up water and all other liquids for 24 hours. In 24 hours there will be no significant dehydration to cause organ failure. But to be double sure one can stay indoors for 24 hours. This helps in lot of other ailments. One can do it when one is indoors. It improves the immune system. It ensures that body's control systems work properly.

    In 24 hours the reduction in the fluids will be about 3 litres or about 5% of the total body weight of a normal adult.

    Never the swelling due to sinus or cold and cough is more than 5% of the body volume.

    During this period of 24 hours the lose of water from the body does not reduce even by 1% to offset reduced water intake.

    The reduction in loss of body water thru urine or sweating starts after 48 hours in most of people. But to be on safe side giving up water and liquids for 24 hours will do the trick.

    The reduced swelling will give immediate relief from pain. It will make is much more easier to eliminate the cough thru nose without any pain.

    That will also improve the blood acid levels by about 10%. This makes changes at the cell level as well. Blood acid levels are the first line of defense against the infections.

    So swelling gone, pain gone, cough moving out, infections taken care of. Now what remains in the body for the next change of season time. Obviously nothing.

    So it has already given u long term relief from sinus. But in some cases one may get sinus during next change of season and may have to do this again. The benefits of drinking lot of water is over hyped. So when winter starts to set in, people still force drink more water. Same thing happens when summer is setting in. As soon as summer comfort is there on increases the water intake drastically. But the cells of the body still does not need that excess supply of water.

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