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autistic guy is pissing me off!?

there is this guy in my class and he is high functioning autistic. He acts so selfish and mean! He goes up to people and yells in their face or punches them to scare them! Nobody does anything to stop him! When I am in math class he always says stupid things and makes others feel bad! He always asks for help even though he gets it!!! HE IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!! He yells all the time and talks like a retard!!!!! I can't stand him anymore!!!

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    Woah back up... He freaking punches people to scare them, I don't give half a crap if he's autistic, he needs to be put in a special class or something away from students who don't deserve this. Honestly I can't believe teachers just let him yell and annoy kids. If I were you I'd get the hell out of that class and find a new one. Show the parents or somebody how this kid acts!

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    Talk to the teach/principle/whoever and see if you can get him transferred to another class. Ask a parent to help too, if you yell loud enough they will be forced to move him. You have a right to an education, do not let anyone steal it from you.

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