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How do I get my dog to stop digging in specific areas?

We have a dog that is about a year old. Overall he's an amazing dog. However there are a few problems that just drive me crazy.

One of the biggest problems is his digging. On a low budget, I worked hard at making our back porch a layer of gravel over a plastic sheet with the dirt underneath. The sheet keeps the weeds from growing up through the gravel and the gravel helps prevent mud when it rains.

Well the dog likes to dig up the porch. He digs through the gravel, tears through the plastic, and throws the dirt all over the place, mixing it in with the gravel, which completely undermines the whole purpose of it all. I've pretty much given up on keeping the layers, but I still can't keep him from digging. Closest to the door is a small concrete slab.

We have a refrigerator outside by our back door on top of a pallet, which is on the gravel. He digs right in front of that the most, and usually toward the door, which throws dirt and mud all over the concrete slab and the wall, etc.

I read that having a designated place for him to dig would help, but we have about a third acre or more of nothing but dirt, and he can dig anywhere he wants to out there. Still, he insists on digging up the porch.

Another thing I read was that it would discourage him to dig if we put some of his own poop in the place where we don't want him to dig. I wouldn't mind doing that but it's right on our back porch. Do you think it would be effective if I put the poop down with a layer of dirt/gravel over the top of it so we didn't have to see it every time we went outside?

Oh, and I tried sprinkling chili powder, but that didn't help, and we can't really afford to keep doing that.

Any suggestions would be great.

Oh, and he does have toys to play with, and I spend some time playing with him every day (not all day, obviously, but when I can).


I probably should have mentioned that he is 100% an OUTSIDE dog, so I obviously cannot supervise him all of the time. Lately I have been leashing him to the shed over night (he has shelter, water, and food) so that he cannot get to the porch (he seems to have a tendency to do the digging at night), but devising a permanent way to blockade him from ever getting to the porch just isn't an option. I just simply do not have any way of doing that. Besides, if I can somehow teach him to stop digging there on his own, it's really nice to let him be on the porch. He feels safer and closer to us, and I don't mind him just hanging out there.

We do have mice, and I caught/killed two of them by the porch, but he still digs. I'm all for him trying to catch rodents, but not at the expense of digging holes on the porch.

I'll see if I can find a large, cheap package of cayenne pepper and give that a shot. What else can be used instead of cayenne pepper? Are there any other products that dogs

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    Tie an empty plastic milk jug to his collar so it hangs at his throat. Put just a bit of gravel in it so it resists being shifted to the side. It will interfere with both digging and fence-jumping.

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    He's not "insisting" on digging in one place, there's a reason for it. It's not done out of spite.

    If he's got all this other land, can't you block access to the gravel? You could also do the intelligent thing and NEVER LEAVE HIM UNATTENDED OUTSIDE. Common sense. If you're there to correct him, you can stop the digging from happening.

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    Is he hunting mice? that's what motivates my dog. Remove the prey (get a "tin cat" trap; don't use poison), and you remove his motivation.

    exercise the dog more (roadwork, sports like agility or obedience or frisbee)

    put him on a tie-out that doesn't allow him to reach those areas.

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    my bfs black lab used to dig a lot but when we noticed where he liked to dig we hid water balloons under the dirt and when he would dig they would pop and scare him to the point where he didnt want to dig anymore. our yard looks nice now :D

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    Liberally sprinkle cayenne pepper in those areas, he will abandon them instantly!

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