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How can I change and talk to people?

I only talk to people I know, mainly my friends. It's easy, I know what to say, and I feel comfortable. I never talk to new people unless they talk to me first (that's how I got my friends), but I feel weird about it at first. I dislike talking to people I don't know. It's hard, I don't what to say, and I feel uncomfortable. But I feel really unhappy with my life. I want to talk to more people, especially girls. But I have no idea how. I don't know where to start. I have a very high rejection sensitivity, and the task of talking to new people just seems daunting and scary. How can I change?

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    'Im a girl and I am exactly the same way. What I do is just ask the person next to me what was the homework? what day is it?,etc. just random things until you can build up the confidence to just talk to them normally. Ive learned that your not always going to be rejected by people. Alot of people have insecurities about talking to others. Also, its not the end of the world if someone doesn't like you or ignores you, its just a way of life.

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    Don't worry, there are many people out there that is going through the same thing, including me. We just don't know how to approach this problem huh? I don't really have any advice to give you, but all I can say is go with the flow. Sure it seems like nothing will happen if you don't do anything, but as you go through experiences you can gain or regain the ability to talk to people. Looking back to when I first became like this (about two years ago), I sure did improve a lot. If you're ever given a good chance to talk, then try to take advantage of it no matter how hard it is.

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