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Combining Acai Berry with Colon Cleansing?

Trying to research information about some pills that have this in it? Just trying to loose some weight and heard about this? Tell me what you think?

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    If you’re really trying to lose some weight, start walking.

    Also do some weight training to build up muscle mass (the weight loss miracle).

    After a couple of months, you’ll be able to walk/jog.

    Unless you’re too heavy (+140lbs) so stick to walking and go swimming and biking.

    Colon cleansing does not exist. Cleansing is not cleaning and there is nothing dirty in your colon, even if it’s full of crap

    You can empty you colon for a medical reason like having a colonoscopy, lose 3 pounds of waste weight that you’ll regain in a week while refilling your bowels.

    You really feel like crap when you do that, which is weird as you don’t have any crap left...until you eat for 5 days to a week and don’t have a BM, just regain the weight on the scale.

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    Check this website ... Several video and articles about colon cleansing are available ...

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