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What shampoo can I use if I dye my hair alot?also if I dye my hair alot will it fall out?

Okaii so I dye my hair alot (well I guess?) I'm 12 and when I was 9 I got highlights, then when I was 11 I dyed it black and blonde ish. Then when I was 12 (over the summer) I dyed it black and bleached my bangs :0 I would appreciate it if some one answered me these two questions: what shampoo should I use? And will my hair fall put if I dye it every like 3-9 months?Thanks :)

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    Your shampoo isn't really gonna matter unless you're trying to tone blonde or something. Use whatever has worked best for your hair in the past-- If you haven't found anything you love yet ask your mom to buy you different types of shampoo every time you run out. Also, no, your hair won't fall out if you keep dying it but it will break off if you keep bleaching it to blonde and then dying over it and re-bleaching. It will also probably look very very dead and unhealthy. I have the same problem though, I can't stop myself from dying my hair different ways but you might wanna invest in some deep conditioners if you find your hair becoming a texture you don't like. Aussie 3 minute miracle works really really well and it smells great! You might also try organic shampoos as they won't take the good oils out of your hair. One more thing-- Try to go easy on your hair, hun! You're young, you've got a LOT of time to do a LOT of stuff to your hair. Maybe slow it down a little! I know I wish I did!

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    There are shampoos made especially for colored hair. Just look at the labels carefully and you should find a satisfactory one. As far as your hair falling out is concerned, I haven't heard of that. You could go to a beauty shop to buy your shampoo (at least your first bottle) so that you can pick someone's brain. The beauticians are professioinals and should have answers for you. Personally, I don't think that would happen, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

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    you can use a color protecting shampoo that prolongs your hair's color so it'll last longer. also, try using colder water when you take a shower (warm water makes color fade faster) and take a shower every other day.

    and you're hair won't necessarily fall out. plus you don't really dye it that much, but you should use products that will protect your hair from breakage, dryness, etc.

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