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Poll: girls is this how you feel? ?

I don't want a nice guy lol. I want like someone who's nice but not TOO nice you know what I mean? Like I don't want compliments all the time it's weird I don't know why. When guys are all sweet it makes me feel weird around them. Lol does anyone else feel like this ?!

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    I don't want someone like that necessarily. I want someone who is right for me and he might be really reserved or stoic idk, If hes is a good fit I'm happy. Also just because a guy gives me compliments doesn't mean he's nice. I find that guys who use lines or constantly flatter me tend to be bad boys who are trying to be manipulative. Obviously nice guys can be that way too but in my experience the only times guys have been honest with me about compliments is when they were friends or really into me & none of them did it 2 much. You say all the time. Everything in moderation

    too much flattery can seem insincere. If you are a nice guy and feel you tend to alienate women watch that video and work on your skills. Maybe you are just asking the question. If not This vid about complimenting women should help you. link wont work but its how to compliment a women Good luck

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    Yes, guys who only constantly give you compliments seem fake often times.. and it's hard to believe them. :D

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