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In wwe '12, should they give cena his old entrance a an alternate entrance?

Bq: did wwe dor 2 have paint tool? because i havent played it yet and i want to know because people said it does.


question rephrased: in wwe '12, should they give cena his old entrance back as an alternate entrance?

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    It would be awesome

  • Im sure what your really saying they should have his basic thuganomics theme song and entrance if so then that would be kinda cool. However really I'm just not interested in purchases this game im sure its nice but im getting kinda bored with those games they are way to easy. Every year they always say they improve the A.I so they are hard to beat but each year it seems all the same to me and always squash the CPU players even on the hardest Difficulty. I'm more looking forward to Batman Arkham City more then i am WWE 12.

    BQ: I have never heard of WWE DOR 2 and have no idea all i know is SVR 2010 and 2011 have had paint tool.

    @Juan Soto its 1:19 AM so technically its already October lol

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    um who has said that? no one has even playd it yet? the game does not come out until october!!! so who ever said that dont believe it! As for cena i dont really care what they do with him, i wont be using him in the game anyways, i will be using sin cara (original)

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    Yeah tht wiould be cool. I doubt it though.

    BQ:Yeah it does.

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