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Diet help. I have a sweet tooth?

So I have been on a diet for a long time, since probably around April/ end of March. I eat light foods, and breakfast, no meat only chicken, vegetables and fruits. But I get a sweet tooth and I manage to get by only sometimes my parents go to a Cuban bakery and they have these amazingly delicious cookies and I eat 2. Is it okay? I do not eat breads or cookies or chips or candy, I just cannot help but feel bad when I do eat the cookies. I am 5'1 and weigh around 92-94 pounds I know I am underweight but I like my abs. Will eating these 2 cookies sabotage my abs or anything? Thank you!!

The cookies:


I am 18.

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    No, Eating a couple cookies now and again will not wreck your body.

    Everything is moderation. If you enjoy them a lot, then have them once in a while. Life is short.

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