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How to get better grades in school?

Ok, the truth is I'm really stupid in school and I'm not Smart at all and I averaged a GPA in middleschool of like 1.67 and now I'm a freshman going into HS and I'm really good at basketball and I could get alot of varsity time and maybe be a starter, I love to ball it up and skip school for basketball. But to play bball I have to average a 2.0 GPA and that's like impossible. I hate doin hw, suck at tests, I'm the class clown, and I can't focus in school. I care about other stuff in school like bball, my bros, and girls. Would people please give me some advice on how to get good grades. Thanks

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    High school is easy! all you got to do is do your homework and turn it in on time. You should be able to get a c by just doing that. The only reason why you have low GPA is because of the laziness. Believe or not, almost everyone don't like to do their homework or study, but they only do it for their future. You are not stupid... You are just a lazy person. If you continue to be like this then you will be stupid.. You will fall behind in education and you can't have beautiful wife in the future. In the future.. Hot girl go for the rich guy not the stupid one. Another option to get rich is play basketball everyday. Run A lot to increase your endurance and practice at least 4 hours a day so you can be professional player.

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    Getting well grades in institution will take you beautiful a ways in lifestyles. Obtain well grades, move to a good recognized tuition and get a measure on whatever that you'll be able to get a task with. If you do good sufficient in your process, you'll be able to make respectable cash or a well amount of cash to get you by way of daily lifestyles. Yeah plenty of persons loved luck with their industry however i am beautiful certain many many persons began organizations that failed. They took dangers however appear what occurred, they are now on the point of chapter. If you're taking dangers, you could make more money than you have got ever imagined, or be in a worse form than you initially began with. So announcing that institution's a waste of time is a beautiful ridiculous assertion.

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    Make a paradigm shift. Stop labeling yourself as the 'guy with GPA 1.67' and all. Next, be friends with the brilliant students in your school. Observe them long enough, and you'll quickly realize where your problems actually are. You also tend to behave like a brilliant student and not like a 'class clown'. It's not about IQ, it's about hard work and proper study techniques. I strongly suggest you to read Tony Buzan's books on mind maps and organic study techniques. It helped me a great deal. GOOD LUCK. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Without education, you're almost certainly heading to a grim future.

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    My son is in 5th grade. He is too lazy to do more homework or put an effort into. Any methods to help my son do good in school. Please help

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    Study for tests and do your homework. Also ask questions to teachers and make sure you understand

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    if ur stupid ur never gonna get a hot chick to stay with u forever....just a true fact....Tell ur brain that!

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