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Isn't this grammatically incorrect?

"Blood lust; how it hurt; but you don't need it; yet you can't resist it; and it's going to be like this forever; you can never get rid of it; you want it even more than before."

I read that in Anne Rice's "The Queen of the Damned." What's with all the semi-colons?


Alright, so it's grammatically correct, but it just doesn't flow nicely. I see.

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    It isn't grammatically incorrect, it's not supposed to flow. The point is, they're all separate thoughts that are connected together. It's choppy because that's how the character is thinking it. Putting periods would make it obnoxious and it would feel jerky but because she used semicolons it makes it look odd yet sound better.

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    A semicolon is in a sense a cross between a comma and a period. The sentence is correct, though is written strangely.

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    They're all statements related to eachother.

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