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I've went to different schools wanting to get different friends but it doesn't workout,what can I do different?

I'm going to a new school next school year, this year I'm a sophomore but next year I'll be a junior. I wanna be that teen who gets invited to parties, I wanna be that guy who hosts the parties that people wanna go to. Right now I am that shy week guy, who sits with one person at lunch. I just think to myself how much i wanna be liked. My dad is gonna be really wealthy next school year (opening a gold mine business, and he's the CEO). So I'll go to private school, the one thing that I am gonna mke myself do before I go back to private school (always switched from private to public but currently at public school) I'm gonna make myself work out and get stronger, and I'm gonna join the soccer team. What can i do differently at this school? What will make people go, hey I wanna be his friend? And what will make the girls go, wow what a great guy? I've always been complimented about how handsome I am but I've never felt handsome I've always felt like that ugly looser kid. I have no zits or acne or anything like that but I've always shown not much confidence. I dont ever look down when I walk I keep my head up, and I have good posture. My dad is the straight forward guy and he never lies. He tells me how handsome I am, and I said you have to say that. And he said to me "trust me if you weren't handsome I wouldn't say anything about your looks" and I do believe him. My mom says that they pick on me because they know that I am good looking, but I figure she has to say that. At school I'm currently thought of as gay, because my voice isn't super deep and because I don't play sports. I do nothing though to make them think that in fact, I Accidentally got a V-Neck shirt (didn't notice the v neck) and I haven't even worn it to school just so they don't think anything of me. I really need help, I wanna make this next 2 years the best, in fact I've been think that when i go to the school I would host a party, (if I know people would come, but I'm worried people wouldn't). But it would be a no drug party or anything like that, maybe like a pool party. But I just want to make a lot of friends at this next school.

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    hey abcdfll...

    Im guessing you're living in america ( by using the term " sophomore"). anyway, that doesn't really matter, it's just that I'm in my first year of highschool this year in New Zealand, and if i can say anything, highschool is WAAAAAAAYYYYY different to what you see on movies etc and what i thought it would be like. I know how ya feel about wanting to fit in; I've been to 6 primary schools, and have always wanted to be " that guy" ( except I'm a girl). So, anyway, I've had alot of experience in fitting in and being that person that everyone wants to hang out with. Truth is, I've alway just been myself! I guess the only advice i can give you that comes from my own personal experiences is:

    1. Don't try to be someone that you're not, it just doesn't work.

    2. Lighten up a bit; be the class clown without being OTT; Make funny jokes WITH people, not ones that are offensive to them, obviously.

    3. Try really hard to get good grades at school, as this is a great way to earn followers and have people look up to you and follow your example.

    Oh, yeah, i'm guessing the highschools over in America are pretty similiar to the ones over here in NZ, so there's hardly any partying that the whole school gets invited to, or the parties that you've described. :)

    Just relax, ( oh, and don't boast or anything about how rich you are or are going to be, not saying that you will) hang out with the right kind of peps; the ones that you will benefit from, are good examples, and want to do well in school. Life isn't all about popularity and hotness you know( although, seeing people have said you are handsome etc., it'll help alot), JUST BE YOURSELF!!! And good luck with yer school! :)

    Cheers, GoldFish

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    Being confident in yourself is the key. I can relate to exactly how you feel. At your age, I was the same way..shy and quiet with just a few good friends..wanting to be popular. I was very self-conscious and that held me back. I constantly worried that I would do or say something stupid so consequently I kept to myself. People don't get to know you that way.

    Be yourself, don't ever compromise your values or beliefs. Try to be out-going..initiate conversations. Reach out to people, don't wait for them to reach out ot you. The pool party sounds like a great idea.

    If some one makes a negative remark...come up with a snappy come back and then blow it off. Don't ever let negative opinions or remarks bring you down. There will always be butt holes in the world..some of them will grow out of it and some of them won't :) Try to keep a positive attitude. Believe in yourself, like yourself..and others will too,

    When you do become Mr. popularity, remember what it felt like when you weren't. Treat people like you want to be treated. Remember, it's not the quantity of "friends" that you have but the quality.

    I grew up living across the street from my first best friend. We knew each other since we were toddlers. I admired and envied her most of my adolescent years. She was outgoing and popular, I was the quiet, shy one. We hung out constantly until the year that we both tried out for cheer leading. She made the squad and I did not. It didn't take long before I wasn't good enough for her anymore. She was still my friend...but only when her "cool" cheer leading friends weren't around. In actuality her "cool" cheer leading friends were very shallow and not really friends at all. My friend would turn to me when they turned on her. By our sophomore year, I pitied my old friend. I was so glad to be me with my genuine friends.

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