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My best friend is annoying me?

I'm 16, and my best friend is getting on my nerves. She is rude and self-centered. She's had 4 boyfriends since 8th grade (juniors now) and has never hung out with them, even though they've asked so many times. And she blows them off every time. Right now, she is playing 2 boys. They both like her, she likes both of them, she flirts with both of them, talks to them at school, and neither boy knows about the other.

Tonight, I went to a football game with her and she was talking to one of her guy friends and saying some weird things. Such as, "I would be a really hot cheerleader" and telling him all about her boy problems. They were also picking on these little girls in front of us, and she kept trying to drag me into the drama but when I didn't she stopped being mean.

She does little things like this all the time and it's annoying. Am I wrong? What do I do?

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  • Jane
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    9 years ago
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    Nothing wrong in self promoting herself as a hot chick but not cool promoting herself as a bully. You are not wrong in having yourself dragged into uncool situations such as bullying and being a selfish and deceitful player. Why do you want a friend like this? You seem to be a smart, sensitive and caring person. Try talking to her and making her realize what she is doing is hurting others and esp. picking on little girls. Ask her to stop and if she doesn't you will not be her friend and see what she does. If she does not change, then you need to look for a friend who matches your maturity and intelligence.

    Take care.

  • 9 years ago

    My friends all tend to get on my nerves also, including my closest of friends. It's natural, but it sounds more like you dislike your friend rather than just being annoyed by them. Mayhap you're growing out of them. I'd say find a new best friend.

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    No, I totally understand. My friend is also getting on my nerves except for different reasons. I'd tell her how you're feeling and just be straight and honest with her.

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    just be straight up honest with her, otherwise shes not going to know that shes bothering you with her new attitued. who knows what her deal is, thats why you gotta talk to her. sounds to me like she needs to come back down to earth and start being a good friend and person again

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  • BBG
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    9 years ago

    Honestly? It sounds like you don't respect her decisions or like her behavior.

    Sometimes friends grow apart.

    My best advice is to spend your time with people you respect and trust and who inspire you. She doesn't sound like she is that person anymore.

  • 9 years ago

    She sounds super annoying,you should maybe tell her to stop doing that stuff or just tell her how you feel.

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