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battle of the tape worm in my 4 month old puppy?

so when I got Buster at 10 weeks he had tape worms so i went to the feed store and got a powder that he was supposed to get over a 3 day period (once a day for 3 days) then at 14 weeks i started to notice the worms again so i went and got the powder again. now at 17 weeks he has worms again! so i figured the powder wasnt working (worked for my other dogs before) so i switched to a pill that he takes just once (Sentry WormX plus) I gave that to him Wednesday and have yet to see any worms come out in his poo or while sleeping. but tonight i took him out and he keeps sitting down really fast and then scooting his butt on the ground. I had just cleared his glands the other day so i dont think it is that. How can I get rid of these damn worms?!?!?!?


i know it is a tape worm because i know each worm that can happen in the dog body and know what they all look like. ( i read a lot of at home veterinary handbooks and will also be attending vet school in june) I just got a job so couldnt afford the vet visit yet but i will be going in to get him neutered when i save up money and will give them a stool sample then but i wanted to know if there was something i could do about it at home. ive never had this big of a problem with tape worms before

Update 2:

the wormer i got does tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms and i clean his bowls every day and vacuume daily

Update 3:

the wormer i got does tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms and i clean his bowls every day and vacuume daily

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    You need to get the proper dewormer from your vet. As you have already found out OTC dewormers are pretty much useless in most cases. Also you need to be aware that tapeworms are caused by fleas or ingesting rodents. They can't be spread from pet to pet like roundworms & hookworms.

    You need to be treating him with a good flea product from your vet in order to help eliminate the flea problem.

    Also this puppy needs to go to the vet anyway and get a good exam and vaccines.

    He needs an exam & vaccines before neutering. Be aware that a fecal test will tell you if there are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms but won't pick up tapes. Also a fecal can come back as no ova seen even if present depending on where in the cycle the worms are.

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    Are you sure its tape worms and not another type of worm?

    make sure you clean his food&water bowls and anything he has touched or layed on because if he left eggs from the worms behind it could be spreading over & over again.

    try a wormer that kills all kinds of worms.

    If that dont work take him to the vet.

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    For worms you really do have to go to the vet. My puppy's worms went away quickly. The vet will give you what works.

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    if you see no worms come out of the poop they are destroyed, tapeworm looks like grains of rice (not the actual food) that is if dealing with segments. though it is best to deal with a company that specializes in pet products not store they will be no help in this situation. i would recommend 1800 pet meds.

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    Go to your vet and get something that works, most of the pet store staff have no idea and they sell stuff that doesnt work

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    Take him and a stool sample to your veterinarian. Its entirely possible that you are treating the wrong worm.

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    take him to the vet before its to late.

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