Please help me improve my milk supply?

I started of breastfeeding but i never produced much milk the bottle got so easy i gave her mostly formula. Because of this i have not latched her in about 2 weeks and i can only pump about 2 oz a day total. My baby is 1 month old (4weeks). Is it true that if i pump every 3 hours around the clock i can get my supply up? And to how much? What else can i do? And is it possible to get her latching again? By the way another reason i stopped trying so hard with breastfeeding is because since i didnt produce much, when she would latch, 2 or 3 whole minutes of her suckin would go by and just drops would come and by then she is so frustrated and crying so much, she wouldnt latch again :( please help im determined

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  • mike
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    9 years ago
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    the more you supplement with formula, the less milk you will

    Milk is produced ON DEMAND. The more you breastfeed the more milk you make.

    She has gotten used to bottle nipples it will be hard to switch her back but it can be done...always express some of your milk so its on your nips before you try latching her

    Anytime youre not breastfeeding, you need to be pumping. Also the herbal supplement blessed thistle helps with milk production. You also need to know that it is not just the sucking actionn of the babies mouth or the pump that produces the milk.. it is the surge of hormones released by the closeness of you and the baby which is why skin to skin contact is highly recommended. So when you feed her neither of you should have a shirt on, and just use a cover if youre around people.

    You didnt produce enough milk initially because you didnt do it long enough. It takes awhile to get a solid flow, you just need to keep offering her the breast. Never supplement with formula when you want to breastfeed. Also, if she can latch a bottle she can latch your nips so thats not the issue either. Have her examined and make sure she isnt tongue tied.. a condition that can cause latch issues. Also when you are feeding her make sure she isnt just falling asleep at the breast, causing her to unlatch.. tickle her toes or make a noise or walk around with her.

    Source(s): had the same "issue" which wasnt an issue afterall.. just needed more persistence and patience and to get rid of the formula
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First I would call a lactation consultant and set up an appt. Breastfeeding can be very time consuming. You need to get baby back on the breast and just breastfeed as often as baby wants. This will increase your milk supply a lot.

    I would then go online to and order More Milk Special Blend or the Nursing Time Tea. Both of these contain goat's rue and you'll see your milk supply increase fast as long as you are pumping often.

    Are you using an electric pump? If not you can rent these for about $40 a month. Ask the lactation consultant about this. Start dual pumping every 2 to 3 hours for fifteen mins at a time. Overnight every 4 hours. After you get baby breastfeeding again, you can decide if you want to keep pumping or not. Don't skip any pumpings until that time though ok?

  • justme
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    9 years ago

    I would go and see a lactation specialist to try and get her to latch again. There is nothing better than getting your milk supply up than your baby nursing frequently. That stimulates milk production. Even if she gets frustrated and stops, keep offering her the breast.

    I suppose you could pump more often but pumping is difficult to keep up...well it was for me.

    If you take Zoloft, that decreases milk supply. If you want to increase your milk supply you can drink rasberry leaf tea. I think they even sell it at regular grocery stores...just read the label to make sure there is actually rasberry leaf in there and not just "flavor"

    Here is a link to some tea that is supposed to stimulate milk production:

    good luck...and you are such a good mama to not give up!!!

  • 9 years ago

    You need to try and pump as much as possible if you want to continue to try and breastfeed. About getting her to latch you just have to keep trying. I had to give up after a couple of days because I couldn't produce enough milk and she wouldn't latch on. So you can try, but if she likes formula than I would just let her stay with it. If you breastfed even for a couple of days you already helped her out so much.

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