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Halloween Costume Question! Help Please!?

I am thinking of being something like a fallen or dark angel. I can sew a little, but being a full time student not too much time. I have an idea for a skirt: tulle cut into strips wrapped around a piece of elastic shorter in front longer in back. The colors I would use are black with either purple or red, although I am leaning towards purple. My question is what kind of top should I wear. I am plus size with a Triple D or F cup size and very full hips with a small waist. So nothing too raunchy because with my body type sexy can turn slutty real quick. I looked for bustier or corset that I could wear a nice t-shirt under but non fit my bust. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance to those who answer!

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    if you need some ideas. you can try at party city store or go to fabric shop they have some good costumes ideas books and package with good easy sewing items you can choose from . if you dont have time to make it you can ask someone else do it for you .

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    be a power ranger

  • 9 years ago

    silk spectre

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