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My autistic friend wants to join the millitary. ?

he is a good looking guy, if you met him you would not know he was on the autistic spectrum. anyways he wants to get into the marines but he is dq. what about any other branch. he was diagnosed when he was little. but when you see him,in all honesty you couldnt tell by looking at him. and he is a really smart person, hes not crazy or mentally retarded. if you could give detailed explantion as to why his autisim would dq him. and by the way hes 19 turning 20 in a few days. so thnk u.

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    I sugest he get re evaluated medicaly to see if he actualy has autism or not because the way he sounds he could have been misdiagonised as a child. If he does not have autisim then by all means go for it but if he is autistic it is an automatic DQ. It is better to try at something and fail than to have never tried at all I say and he should deffinately get re evaluated for it. He could possibly have mild ADD or hyper active disorder instead of Autisum but be careful because psychology is a tricky practice and is based on opinions of someone elses behavior.

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    While your friend may appear to be completely normal to you, the fact that he was diagnosed with autism means his symptoms were observed. While I understand that was a long time ago, he may still exhibit some signs of autism. You say your friend is "really smart"? Well, that tends to be one of the good symptoms of functional autistic persons. BUT, the bad part is that they often have trouble controlling their emotions, staying focused for long periods of time, and tend to have significant adjustment issues when new situations are presented. Clearly, the military would be a very new environment, requiring consistent discipline and reliability in temperament. I am sure you can understand how exhibiting such characteristics could negatively impact the military and even place his comrades in danger. I do hope your friend finds some other way to serve this great country such as the Peace Corp, which has many of the same benefits as military service.

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    Being honest with your friend is the best thing you can do for him. Have his doctor submit in writing what his condition is. Then have him go in and speak to a Recruiter. Go with him and be a friend. You will be able to help him with the interview process. Ask the recruiter if he can take a sample ASVAB test just so he can get the feeling of accomplishment.

    Just understand he will be medically disqualified. He can be told why by a military recruiter why he will not be allowed to join.

    Your support as a friend will mean more to him this way.

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    A disqualification for one branch is a disqualification for all.

    Why does autism DQ someone from military service? Because those diagnosed with autism cannot function at a level that those who do not have any mental disability.

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    Aint happening...sorry

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    Does he shop at Kmart?

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