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I'm trying to find this movie i used to love that's kind of like dirty dancing.?

It was about this girl in catholic school and this guy that were paired together to try out for this tv dance competition. It was played on ABC Family. it's a movie from the 90's.

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    Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

    IMDb review:

    Janey Glenn (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a teenager newcomer in Chicago, who loves the TV show Dancing in TV. In the Catholic school, she becomes friend of Lynne Stone (Helen Hunt), who also loves to dance and invites her to an audition to be part of the show. However, her tough father, who raises Janey in a military environment, does not accept her participation in the audition, and she has lots of trouble to escape for the competition. The rich Natalie Sands (Holly Gagnier) tries to use the influence and power of her wealthy father to win the competition. Lee Montgomery plays Janey's dance partner, or so I seem to recall.

    EDIT: Here's the movie trailer:

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    Strictly Ballroom?

    I know in that movie they were in a dance competition, I don't remember if they were in Catholic school. It's from the 90's though.

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