So is anything healthy anymore,or are we all here to die?

The more I go on with life the more I learn that no matter what we do we can get disease and a lot of other things just from drinking something or eating something. For example diet drinks mess you up they can cause metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes I mean really thats messed up and thats not even all of it. It seems like the only thing you can drink is milk and water and those even have their probliems like how tap water has so many things wrong with them and the bottles they put bottled water in only get checked 4 times a year which is not good. So what im trying to ask is their any other food/drink that can cause a lot of harm if its over used or even used once a month and also things that you dont have to worry about also is the plant that tastes like sugar bad for health,or anything?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Everything in moderation... Yes you will die, of what, who cares...

    If wanna be fit, workout.

    If you wanna enjoy life, do things you enjoy.

    Just don't over indulge and enjoy what you enjoy...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    go all natural. also look up books on keeping your body healthy and eating naturally grown food. i have a book set about curing diseases and other stuff that "the american government does not want others to know about" even though this guy wrote a book on it. in the book he had to write that the government doesn't want others to read it so the book is in a way illegal. in it, the book says about how different countries can cure certain diseases using natural remedies. it also says how this day and age it will be harder to get the proper nutrition like we could have from natural grown food back 50 years ago because of the different pollutants and pesticides in the air today. so basically yes every thing you eat and do these days will have some kind of bad effect on your health be it big or small.

    Source(s): ill have to get back to you on the exact title of the book i have if you want to read it yourself.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    hope springs eternal and death is inevitable

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