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How is austerity working out for Europe? Isn't that what Republicans are trying to do here?

Republicans want to cut middle class services while they also complain about the poorest 47% of Americans not paying enough in taxes.


All economists are saying austerity is only hurting them... Hmm who should I believe?

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    I don't see a question here. Just a childish rant. And the ones complaining the loudest are the 47% who don't pay federal taxes whining that the ones who actually pay taxes aren't paying enough. Typical behavior from societal parasites.

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    Spending like drunken sailors (no offense to drunken sailors) has worked out so well for them. Why would they stop? Oh yeah, cruel dose of reality has smacked them upside the head.

    All economists are not saying austerity is hurting them.

    And really, the poorest 47% of Americans? Do you even think before you type?

    47%? Are you not concerned about 47% of Americans not paying any income tax? These are the same idiots who get to vote themselves somebody else's money. This will situation is not sustainable. Everyone has to have skin in the game, like Obama says. Everybody should pay some income taxes, regardless. Then they will not be so inclined to vote stupidly.

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    9 years ago

    europe is getting there first

    the Rep argument is : see what happens when you overspend and create too much debt

    the Lib counter argument is: you cannot solve the problem by sudden and massive hardship on the people of the country

    the economic problem can be solved by economic growth. I think it means additional investment now and pay back later

    Imagine: a famine due to bad farming practice combined with a sever drought

    choice. stop farming, foreclose on farms, refuse to loan to buy seeds

    what will happen ? Less food , more starvation , fewer but maybe richer survivors

    Or borrow for seed and equipment, spend on irrigation projects, train farmers in new techniques

    result: hopefully food for all and profit to pay back investment.

    what do you think we should do?

    Source(s): phsyics andcomon sense
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    9 years ago

    Austerity is the only thing that has saved Europe thus far. Without austerity, many European nations would have defaulted by now. Government teat-suckers better find a new source of income, the gravy-train is ending out of sheer necessity.

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    9 years ago

    Right so lets follow the Democrat plan of spending till we collapse while simultaneously pretending nothing's wrong instead. Sound plan.

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    You worried - libby?

    I hope it happens very soon in America - you better plan on getting a job pretty soon!

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